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 Alliance Applicants

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PostSubject: Alliance Applicants   Mon Sep 29, 2008 2:57 pm

Thank you for considering becoming a part of Beyond Help's alliance. The guidelines are mostly the same for the alliance as they are the guild and are as follows:

Alliance Guidelines

1 - Be courteous to others. We do not condone any hateful, disparaging remarks made towards other members of Beyond Help or our Alliance.

2 - Play fair. Cross-realming for the purposes of spying on other realms is absolutely forbidden. If you have toons on other servers within this cluster, that is not a problem, after all most players have toons on multiple realms; however, our guild considers cross-realming (spying) a very serious offence. If caught spying and it is proved that you are spying, we will meet with the GM of that guild to discuss appropriate action.

3 - Out of respect for our members, we ask that chat be kept PG rated.

4 - Help fellow alliance members whenever possible. We are here to have fun; however, we are also here to work as a team as much as possible.

5 - Please do your best to answer any CTA's (call to arms) that may occur. We will in turn do our best to find a group for everyone who responds and needs one.

6 - Before any guild is accepted to the alliance, a meeting with the GMs/Officers of each guild in the alliance will be held, and an interview will occur with your guild's GM/officers.

7 - Most importantly... Remember... this is a game, so please... HAVE FUN! Wink

If this sounds agreeable to you, then please start a new thread providing the following information:

Guild Name:
Current Active Members:
Days and timeframe majority play:
Reason you would like to join our alliance:
Toon name (and server) for us to look for in game:

We will then respond in game, as well as here, and arrange a time to meet with the GM/Officers of your guild to discuss membership to the alliance.

One more thing I would like to add...

While having a larger, active guild is great, we will not discriminate any guild for its number of members. We completely understand that getting active players at the moment is difficult. We also understand that having an active alliance will help in recruiting members. So please, even if you are short on members, and you would like us to consider your guild for an alliance, submit your information anyway.

Thank you for your time and consideration!

aka Robbynn
GM of Beyond Help
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Alliance Applicants
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