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 Alliance Join Foreclosure gulid :D

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PostSubject: Alliance Join Foreclosure gulid :D   Thu Mar 19, 2009 1:06 pm

My brohter and I would like to join your alliance!

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PostSubject: Re: Alliance Join Foreclosure gulid :D   Thu Mar 19, 2009 2:58 pm

Please share with us some information about your guild =)

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PostSubject: alliance   Tue Mar 24, 2009 3:20 pm

We are a small guild just 3 ppl atm, but thinking of expanding. Just started with the original poster and myself (Brothers) and a friend of ours from Gawaine server where we started playing original almost since release. Our play preferences are RvR with a small dose of PvE to support templating. We are not the following......PvE exclusive, Farmers, Loot orientated, Elitist solo's who get upset if someone adds on a fight, elite 8 mans who only take rr7+ with all the trmmings etc..

Although we do enjoy running 8 from time to time when we have played in the past it isn't of the type that is annoying and rude towards realm.

We are up to any type of RvR, solo, duo, 8 man, zerg surfing, or plain out joining the zerg (Especisally in instances of realm defense).

We play druing the daytime, and later at night, although I play much too often and can be found almost anytime of the day.

We need an alliance for RvR groups, possible lab encounters and others pve orientated things we cannot accomplish with just 3 people.

We bring various characters to an alliance as I can run a druid, ment, eld, chanter, vamp, warden and brother can run a bard, ranger, hero, eld, vamp

We do not play the other realms on this cluster. Or anywhere else for that matter.

So if we're acceptable, just pm anyone in Foreclosure.
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PostSubject: Re: Alliance Join Foreclosure gulid :D   

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Alliance Join Foreclosure gulid :D
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